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Thinking of Implementing New Software in Your Supply Chain?

Do you have the experience required to be successful?

For most companies in the supply chain, moving product is paramount to success and a software implementation failure could put your company's livelihood in jeopardy. 

A successful software implementation takes careful planning, a full team of available and experienced resources, and daily monitoring by an experienced manager. You may already know this, but is your project really headed to success?

The Interactive Integration team is here for you.  We can get your current project back on-track, or, if you are in the planning phase, then the Interactive team can make sure you never go off-track in the first place.

Interactive Integration Offers Fundamental Project Building Blocks

Careful Planning

Full Team of Available Resources

Experienced Project Leadership

Are your project timelines and budgets being created by someone who has more than 20 implementations under their belt? Or, by someone that is working from theory alone?

Are your project phases and tasks being outlined by someone that has actually worked on your side of the table? Or, by someone that works for the software vendor and has never worked with real Operations teams?

A project can not be on-schedule or on-budget unless the team helping you with the planning has the experience. Interactive brings this experience to your project, with over 100 global software implementations across the team.

So you have an internal team, do you really need Interactive? Well, ask yourself, do they have years of experience with full-scale software roll outs? Are they engaged and available to work full-time on the project? Do they have the energy and drive to dig into testing and training with vigor?

Interactive Integration offers a team of consultants who are relentless when it comes to making the software stable in your environment and making you successful. We advise, we train, we test and we do more testing. We are project people by choice, and this is our profession.

Interactive Integration is not only able to lead, but we take it as our responsibility to pass the knowledge down to your internal support teams.

The #1 most frequently asked question, is, can anyone do project management? It's just checklists and setting up meetings, right? Wrong.

The key to great project management is to use a manager who has experience leading sophisticated and successful software implementations, AND has knowledge of the subject matter or functionality being implemented.

The #2 most frequently asked question, is, can the software vendor provide project management for me?

The project management provided by the vendor is primarily focused on their own software success. They will help their teams get through their deliverable. So who is looking out for you?

Interactive Integration managers are here to guide you to success. We can "see around corners" and easily assess risk and determine best paths forward when issues arise. Our project leaders are former software testers and designers, and offer years of experience behind our advice.

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